Why WorkFountain is Different

Forget searching stale databases or sorting resumes.  WorkFountain instantly scores, screens and stack-ranks applicants from any source, including your own ATS. Our standardized surveys make your team smarter from day one, helping them recruit qualified candidates across industries. Recruiters increase placement rates, you reduce costs of training and on-boarding.

Seamlessly manage sourcing, engagement, and reporting

Easy integration into your new or existing website’s jobs page

Maintain preferred Job Board Distribution partners, & access ours, too.

Real-time data dashboards for candidate trends and insights

Custom candidate reports for targeting candidate interests and tracking diversity hiring

Continuous updates to candidate rankings and application status

EEOC and applicant source reporting to help evaluate ROI and diversity hiring initiatives

Revolutionize your Recruiting

How it Works

Unlike other recruiting tools, we don’t use resumes or keyword search engines. Instead, we rely on more than 100,000 unique job characteristics to instantly evaluate each candidate. As candidates apply, we screen them against your specific position requirements. 


Regardless of experience, recruiters quickly build accurate, targeted recs for scoring against all active candidate profiles. Create templates to reduce costs of turnover and training.


WorkFountain models your current workflows, broadcasting the posting to your job distribution partners, as well as a unique network of our own. 


Based on the targeted rec, WorkFountain mines your ATS for top prospects, ranking all candidates and new applicants for quick turnaround and placement.

WorkFountain features designed with recruiters in mind

Increase placement rates of compatible candidates.

Mine your ATS for valuable candidates and reduce time-to-fill.

Provide a better candidate experience, and monetize those you can’t place.