Integrate WorkFountain, Optimize Results

Our correlated compatibility-matching compliments your existing systems without complicating them. Offer your job and internship-seekers unprecedented access to meaningful employment without added costs.


WorkFountain’s people-first approach to data-driven matchings affords Career Services Professionals many ways to engage.

Monitor real-time student-employer interaction

View and download real-time data on student activity by major, class-level, demographics and more

Identify new employer relationships from student activity.

Provide your students and alumni with a job-matching tool as dynamic as they are. With WorkFountain, students and alumni benefit from:

  • Immediate feedback on alignment to specific opportunities
  •  Unbiased, correlated matching to employers
  •  A ranked list of opportunities that best suit skills and interests
  •  Email and text notifications of new opportunities, eliminating the need for constant browsing
  •  Options to initiate or accept contact with employers of interest

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