Back to Basics:Quality beats quantity

At WorkFountain, we’ve moved beyond superficial keyword matching and painful job descriptions. Instead, we rely on more than 100,000 unique job characteristics to instantly evaluate the interests of active candidates against unique criteria employers set.
Candidates receive immediate, unbiased feedback on their application, and employers receive a ranked shortlist of top prospects instead of giant piles of generic resumes.


No more painful job descriptions. We guide you through quick, simple questions to better target your specific needs.

Maximize your posting time. We broadcast to job boards through your existing partners, plus our unique network of hundreds.

No more sorting through resumes. Match only to candidates that align with your criteria, and start interviewing the right people right away.


From HR Pros to busy small business owners, we simplify the hiring process.


From internship to career switch, we make introductions to ideal jobs on your behalf.

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From job placements to employer relations, our data drives results.

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