7 tips for success

So you’re looking for an internship and chances are you’ve found Intern in Michigan or Intern in Ohio. We want to help you maximize your time and effort in your search for an internship. These seven tips that will ensure that you connect with employers that are looking for candidates with your skills and interests.

  1. Respond to all employer requests within seven (7) days!
  2. Login to your account every 30 days to be eligible to match to internship opportunities.
  3. Update your GPA, Class Level, and Major (if you have recently switched majors or added an additional one)
  4. Work experience:  Include all work experience, including your current job.  Employers like to see  prior work experience.
  5. School:  Did you finish a degree and/or anticipate starting at a new school in the fall?  Your profile should reflect this.  This is also true if you have switched schools for any other reason.
  6. Job skills:  With another school year behind you, perhaps your interests and skills have changed a bit.  This is a great time to add an additional skill to your profile.  Complete the new questions and you’ll be set for new matches.
  7. Upload the most current version of your resume (Need resume tips, check out this blog)

If you ever have any questions regarding your account don’t hesitate to email  info@interninohio.com or info@interninmichigan.com, and we’d be happy to help.